Finally! After nearly two months of waiting we have finally closed on
our little home.  Between the mishaps and red tape, I was beginning
to wonder if we were meant to own this house.  It seems that house
needs some serious cleaning and fumigation because of the flea circus
that has taken control of the entire house.  Painting should start
sometime next week.


Flooring guys show up to refinish our hardwood floors.  However
after the sanding starts, we were told that the floors in our hallway
and bedrooms were pine not oak, which is in the living room and
dining room. Never the less the floors look stunning and in record
time might I add.  The unfortunate part however was the discoloration
in the stain in the bedrooms, due to the fact that whoever sanded the
floors before only sanded the section not covered by an area rug.

Painting has almost been finished and the kitchen is the next major
project, which Abbie has already begun to do.  She has managed to
remove nearly all of the wallpaper including the paper which was
spackled over.  She has also been working diligently on removing the
self-adhesive linoleum tiles.  We are hoping to get the floor done
before our annual Halloween Party since your feet stick to the sub
floor with every step.


Our Halloween Party was a smash as always with the company of
some of our greatest friends, however we didn't get to finish the floor
in time for the party.


Finanlly we start to lay down the new Pergo floor in our kitchen
before everyone comes over for Thanksgiving.  Amazingly enough the
subfloor is in excellent shape and pretty level for it's age.  My friend
Pat and I hammered out the floor in less than a weekend and decided
that I should stay with the original base molding design.  I also have
decided to keep the original homemade maple cabinets, but sand
them down and restain them with contrasting colors from the base
cabinets and doors, as well as add new hardware.


Christmas is fast approaching and we haven't had mush time to get a
whole lot done in the past few weeks except for sanding down the
cabinets.  We held our annual Historical Society Christmas Party at
our house and a good time was enjoyed by all.  We also had an early
snowstorm this year which blanketed everything in a beautiful white


Well the big day arrived, our wedding!  It was amazing how painless
it really was.  No fretting or worrying whether everything was going to
turn out all right, we didn't even have a rehersal. Our friends Heather
and Mary were the heros of it all since they let us use their coffee
shop for the ceremony and pretty much set the whole thing up.  It was
a memorable experience that I think everyone enjoyed.  Here's to
love, happiness and longevity!
Our friends Justin & Julian enjoying the
crisp Autumn air.
Our friend Pat helping us with our floor.
Our new and improved kitchen floor.
Snow comes early.
Our new house.
Abbie & I at our Wedding.
In the Middle of the Wedding.