Original Advert for Crescent Model in 1921
Our House September 2003
Why a Sears Kit House?

When I first saw this house for sale five years ago, I knew then that I wanted
this house.  It wasn't the fact that it was a Sears Kit Home (which I didn't
know then or even when I purchased it), but the fact that this little gem in the
rough could be something amazing.  I have always said that "old houses need
lovin' too" and this one needed some loving and repair!  When Abbie and I
found out this house was in fact a Sears Kit House (Crescent Model) we
decided to find some catalog pictures of it and try to restore the house back to
it's original glory, with some modern updates of course. This website is a way
for us to show the world what a little elbow grease and handymanism (is that a
real word?) can do with a house that has seen it's fair share of abuse.  I will
try to update this site on a regular basis and I hope that other Sears Home
owners will share their experiences and stories about their homes.

I hope you enjoy this site and feel free to contact us, we would love to hear
from you.

- Jeremiah