Welcome to Finders Keepers
Architectural Salvage.  Finders
Keepers is a home grown business
ran by husband and wife team
Jeremiah & Abbie Apgar.  Our
main mission is to find endangered
historic house parts and find them a
new home where they can be
enjoyed for years to come.

We scour flea markets, yard sales,
and homes slated for demolition, in
search of items that are
irreplaceable.  We understand the
painstaking task of renovation and
restoring your historic home, we
have been there ourselves. And we
also know of the frustration of
trying to find that one missing piece
of hardware from your pocket
door or the window sash or the
clawfoot tub and so on.  That’s
why we started this company and
consider it a labor of love.

Currently all of our items are listed
on Ebay, but we will be adding
new galleries of items for sale
directly off this website.  Please
check back in the near future for